Hate or love; I have no grey but I always see the funny. After years of observing, gossping and mentally critiquing I have seen most of it. Greeving Cards is my voice in this socially sensitive and over opinionated world where you can't even eye roll without offending someone. I started this company because I "didn't want a real job" not knowing that I gave myself my dream job.

   Born in the 80's but made in the 90's, I am the average (not basic) girl. The one who sleeps too little and scrolls too much. The one who is perpetually 10lbs overweight because, carbs. The one who grew up with morals, values and strength but still drinks, worries and cries too much. I'm really not here to offend you so if your feelings get hurt you’re probably the problem.


Smile, life is actually hilarious.

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Wears black, loves dogs, avoids people.